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Red Hill Residence

A large, new single storey residence with picturesque views of the surrounding bushland and Western Port Bay.

Quick Facts

Project Type Houses and Offices, Civil
Project Materials Concrete, Steel, Timber
Project Size Large
Completed Project No
Completion Date May 2013

Map Location

Red Hill South

Project Team

Builder Brynor Constructions
Architect SAAJ Design

Project Description

Red Hill residence is a large new residence on a 1.3 hectare site in Red Hill South. The site consists of three tiered levels with steep embankments separating each tier. Due to the sites former use as a chicken farm, there were significant amounts of fill encountered which necessitated the need for an innovative yet efficient slab design.

The framing for the residence consists of:

  • 405mm deep suspended waffle slab and beams on bored piers
  • suspended flat terrace on bored piers
  • suspended bondek terrace slab
  • timber floor joists onto unique steel 'V' floor trusses up to five metres high
  • steel and timber framed roof with extensive cantilevered steel over the terrace
  • steel portal frames and bracing frames
  • suspended concrete stairs from the residence to the tennis courts

Civil works included extensions to the existing gravel driveway, local site surface drainage for the house, water storage tanks, and an extensive network of table drains discharging all stormwater to the existing dam.