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Axiom Apartments

Axiom is an 80 apartments and 3 commercial tenancies development on a 1600 square metre site in Footscray. The building has six apartment levels, ground floor car parking and commercial tenancies, a single basement level, and 112 car spaces over two levels.

The Cascades, Caroline Springs

This project involved the design and construction of a retention, filtration, and sedimentation wetland as part of the Caroline Springs development.

Doveton College Regeneration Project - Stage 1

The Doveton College Regeneration Project is a unique project aimed at providing a fully integrated model of education and community support services for children from birth to early adulthood. The facility combines early childhood and support services, school and adult education and a community social hub.

65 Station St, Malvern

65 Station St, Malvern is an apartment development consisting of 40 apartments over 5 levels with three ground floor commercial tenancies and three levels of basement car parking.

Veyance Belting Factory Extension

The Veyance Belting factory extension is a 4200 square metre extension to an existing conveyor belt factory in Bayswater.

Challenges to the project were the need for the factory to remain operational 24 hours a day all year round during construction, the extensive coordination required with manufacturers for pits, trenches and bolt fixings for large belting machinery, and the modifications to existing main portal footings for design loadings from the new 75 tonne crane in combination with the existing 63 tonne crane.

Two Towers

MacLeod Consulting worked with artist Peter Cripps to create two 7m high sculptures located in the forecourt of the ACCA for a major research exhibition entitled 'Peter Cripps: Towards an Elegant Solution'.

Amia Apartments

Amia is a seven storey apartment building with a single level basement on a 1800 square metre site in East Brunswick.

Ballarat Mechanics Institute

Established in 1859 the Ballarat Mechanics Institute is built in an eclectic architectural style and is a distinctive and notable example of craftsmanship in construction and decoration with its elaborate façade. MacLeod Consulting’s involvement over several stages of the rehabilitation of this important landmark included a structural conditions report, remedial works, and new works.

Birrarung Wilam Common Ground Project

Birrarung Wilam, located at the rear of Federation Square, is a public art commission by the state government to commemorate Aboriginal Victoria. The aim of the installation was to create a clear and distinctive Aboriginal place within the Yarra River precinct to recognise, acknowledge and celebrate Aboriginal Victoria.

Ormond College Academic Centre

Ormond College Academic Centre is a redevelopment of the heritage listed MacFarland Building into an integrated academic hub for both undergraduates and graduates of the College, as well as non-resident communities.

Colac Secondary College Regeneration Project - Stages 1, 2 & 3

MacLeod Consulting provided full structural and civil consulting engineering services for the staged development of Colac Secondary College - a merger of the former Colac High School and Colac College.

Marque Apartments

Marque is a 96 apartments and 2 commercial tenancies development. The building has six apartment levels with two basement levels for 137 cars over a total building footprint of approximately 2600 square metres.

One Lygon Apartments

One Lygon is an eight level apartment building with a single level basement in Brunswick.

Doveton College Regeneration Project - Stage 2

The Doveton College Regeneration Project is a unique project aimed at providing a fully integrated model of education and community support services for children from birth to early adulthood.

Yarra Valley Nissan

Yarra Valley Nissan is a new car dealership in Lilydale.

Fortuna Conservation Works

Fortuna, listed on the Heritage Register of Victoria, is the former mansion and gold mine of the George Lansell, famously involved in underground mining in the Bendigo goldfields. MacLeod Consulting was engaged to prepare the structural conditions assessment of the buildings to be included as part of a Heritage Assessment Report by Godden Mackay Logan and HLCD Pty Ltd, heritage and conservation architects, for the Department of Defence.

Frog Dreaming

The Frog Dreaming sculpture is a large scale sculptural work featuring an abstract depiction of "growling grass frog eggs". This is one of two works that were commissioned by the Walker Corporation, in partnership with VicUrban, for the new Point Cook Town Centre development.

Harmony Village

Harmony Village is a retirement village development by CEHL and Doutta Galla Aged Services on a 10,000 square metre site in Dandenong. The project consists of 92 dwellings within 11 double storey apartment buildings, a community building, and a 5500 square metre basement car park with 96 car spaces located under buildings and landscape.

Lady of St Kilda

For the 2006 Commonwealth Games, St Kilda hosted an interpretive public artwork called "The Lady of St Kilda", a mock timber shipwreck after which the suburb of St Kilda is named.

Norris Barracks Conservation Works

Norris Barracks conservation works involved the structural assessment, reporting, advice and restoration of over thirty buildings within the grounds of the former quarantine station and army barracks at Point Nepean. Structures at the site date back to 1845 and are a mixture of Victorian and Federation buildings, and more recent military buildings