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MacLeod Consulting is a structural and civil engineering business located in Melbourne. The value of our service is realised in design, documentation and construction stage services for all building projects, through a unique philosophy of design.

Ken MacLeod collaborates with the architect from the earliest stages of concept and design development, to deliver elegant structural solutions supportive of leading edge architectural design.

Early collaboration directly supports the design process by:

  • Assisting the architect to explore their vision; and,
  • Offering structural concepts without the constraints of the commonplace;

Early collaboration directly benefits the project by:

  • Articulating a structural design philosophy that is maintained throughout the project delivery; and,
  • Addressing foreseeable potential construction issues and "headaches".

Elegant structural solutions are sometimes unconventional, always specific to the project and not commonplace.  By incorporating known construction techniques in different ways, brings a cost awareness to the creative process.

In the design development stage we closely address specific detailing to "finesse" the design outcome.  A disciplined approach to quality project documentation then follows.

During the construction stage, expeditious attention to site queries and alternative solutions to any problems encountered are directly related to the original structural design philosophy.

We believe more highly developed design will save construction costs, will result in buildings and structures that raise the profile of the project and will better manage contractual issues.

Our practice philosophy has developed from many years of consulting design experience, over a wide variety of project types, including a diverse suite of construction materials.  Conceiving structural systems using a wide suite of materials directly enhances the project outcomes.

The core skills of the practice and its professionals is in design, documentation and construction stage services for all building projects.  The experience of personnel covers all types of building projects, structural systems, and civil works congruent with structural projects.